Arrange a Free Consultation

The herbal consultation is provided free of charge and herbal formulas are paid for by the patient at a discounted rate

If you are a front line worker with suspected Covid-19, or who is in recovery from persistent Covid-19 related illness, you can either self-refer or be referred by your GP or healthcare worker.

You will need to complete the Free Consultation Form available below.

1 – You will need to provide a contact phone number or email in this form. 

2 – One of our team of practitioners will then make contact with you and arrange a time for a short consultation. This will probably take between 10-15 minutes and will be used to check your current state of health, any underlying health conditions you have, and any medication you are taking.

3 – Our practitioner will write a herbal formula for you and this will be sent to you through the post. Then the herbal company will contact you to receive your payment. Once payment is received, your formula should arrive at your home in 1-2 days.

4 – You will also receive an email with written instructions on how to take the herbs and contact details for your practitioner should you want to contact them about any concerns you have with your herbal treatment.

The consultation is free of charge, and the herbs are provided at a discounted rate.